Spam Mitigation

Eliminate unwanted calls

Spam is not just a problem for consumers. Businesses receive unwanted calls as well–a lot of them! Evolve’s Spam Mitigation solution provides highly flexible and customizable call screening. We filter unwanted inbound calls without dropping the ones you want. We also give you full access to STIR/SHAKEN authentication


Annual Growth of Spam Calls

According to Washington Post the quantity of spam calls will continue to grow at a high rate


Of All Calls Are Spam

In the United States approximately half of all telephone calls are spam and/or robocalls. Most are unwanted by the recipient

Market Context of Spam

Spam Robs

Unwanted calls waste untold resources, including telephony capacity, agent time, and more.

Unclear Burden

It remains unclear which organizations or carriers (if any) bear the responsibility for spam filtering


Carriers do not hold each other accountable unless explicit data is collected and provided


There is no end to the financial incentives that encourage robocalls


US Congress has passed the TRACED Act to discourage unauthorized robocalls

Our Approach

We can remove spam calls to your 8YY and DID numbers, saving time and money. Our fully automated solution allows you to filter unwanted calls without dropping valid calls. Here’s how it works:


Calls are inspected by Evolve's IMS​

Calls traverse multiple paths through public switched telephone networks to Evolve Cellular. Before a call is answered or routed it is inspected for spam


Calls are inspected​

When a call arrives at Evolve’s IMS, it is inspected for authentication and caller identity. The calls are checked against whitelist and blacklist rules. We also retrieve spam scoring statistics


Captcha for suspicious callers​

Callers who appear to be spam can be challenged through our automated Captcha system. Asking callers a validation question allows us to identify robots


Valid calls are routed​

If a caller is found in the whitelist, they have a positive score, or they pass the automated Captcha then they are routed to your business for normal treatment


Spam calls receive treatment​

Callers who have been blacklisted, have a negative score, or fail the automated Captcha process are treated as spam. Spam calls are processed as you wish. They may be sent to voice mail, deflected to the web, terminated, etc


Results are recorded and reported​

Call details (spam or otherwise) are recorded and reported to companies so they know the details of every caller. You will know how many calls were received, how much spam was filtered, and how many callers passed the Captcha, etc

Example of call flow

Plug and Play


No hardware or software required. The solution runs in Evolve’s secure cloud on Evolve’s IMS. Nothing to buy, rent, or maintain


The solution can be used on any 800# or DID. It easily connects with your existing equipment or cloud provider. No issues getting started or changing services on the fly


Information gathered about callers is delivered to your operations is fast and secure

Features of Spam Mitigation


Obtain caller scoring information from leading providers. Supplement with enterprise score if wanted


Define which callers are always permitted, regardless of score. Load whitelist through API or on Evolve’s web portal


Define which callers are always blocked, regardless of score. Load Blacklist through API or on Evolve’s web portal


Apply whitelist or blacklist rules by called number, department or enterprise, and set tolerance for allowing calls without Captcha treatment


Load your own audio recordings and change them in real-time as needed


When a call is flagged as potential spam you are in control to either terminate the call, send it to voice mail, require a call back number, or route to a special trunk


Control the automated challenge prompts for suspicious callers and when they are used


View reports in real-time about who is calling, how many potential Spam calls are being treated, average scores, monitor the call back queue, etc.

Real Results

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