Rich Communication Services are the replacement to text messaging and MMS. Gone are the days of rudimentary and limiting digital options. RCS enables rich communications without the requirement of an app or responsive web. Evolve allows businesses to take full advantage of the native smartphone functions that callers are using with increased frequency.


Evolve Cellular Is First In RCS

Evolve Cellular was the first mobile network operator in North American to certify our Rich Communications Services pursuant to the GSMA industry standards

The Time Has Come!

The time has arrived for a revolution in customer engagement solutions. RCS is now on track to replace SMS and MMS with a solution that is richer, provides phone book polling, and can transmit in-call multimedia between devices. RCS is part of the broader IP Multimedia Subsystem and will change B2C communications forever. Some of the major trends that facilitate RCS include:


There are more smartphones in America than any other type of telecommunications device (landline and feature phone included). Meanwhile, most voice-based customer engagement assumes that all calls to contact centers originate from landlines or feature phones. All callers, regardless of the types of devices being used, are offered identical services. The abundance of smartphones have set the stage for business adoption of RCS

Carrier Adoption

Even though the RCS specification has been available since 2008, the mobile network operators are just recently embracing the technology. The major operators are deploying the technology to support real-time chat, video conferencing, location-based services, encrypted file sharing, and more. Most businesses have just begun to advance mobile technologies and realize the advantages of RCS


One of the advantages of RCS is the ability to identify users. Before a call is delivered to your company Evolve performs a “capability discovery” inquiry to determine a host of information about the caller. Based upon the identity of the caller and the information obtained Evolve can route and process the calls with your business logic applied. Contact center agents will receive a robust set of information before the call is answered


Information about the caller obtained before the call was answered is passed to the digital or voice channel for personalizing and expediting the caller’s experience

For All Industries and Business Cases

RCS is quickly becoming consumer's most preferred channel of communication. It is not time for business to adopt RCS as well..

Example of RCS
Example of RCS
Example of RCS

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