Private LTE

Get all the benefits of a Private  LTE network with a fraction of the overhead and expense.

Evolve Cellular allows you to turn on Private LTE with ease and speed.


of the global market for private LTE is in the USA


Private LTE market is projected to surpass USD 11 billion by 2024

Evolve's Private LTE

Mobile technologies have grown to all corners of the globe. For consumers, mobility is packaged in the form of smartphones and wireless broadband. For the enterprises, however, the use cases are broad and diverse. The sizes and shapes of the needed networks and devices vary as much as the companies themselves. Some companies need rock solid reliability, others need lightning speed, and still others need the lowest possible cost. There are no simple one-size-fits-all solutions.

There is an approach to Private LTE, however, that provides the best of all worlds. Evolve’s Private LTE gives you the flexibility to use as much or as little of our cloud-based LTE and IMS core as you need.  Here are just a few of the benefits you realize when selecting Evolve as your partner for Private-LTE:


Evolve will run the network for you. Our cloud-based solution allows us to deploy networks quickly and scale efficiently. Once the network is in place, Evolve will manage everything for you so you can concentrate on your business.


IMS networks (4G and 5G) have encryption and authentication built in from the ground up. Devices are locked down with SIM-based identity. Nothing gets on the network unless you permit it.


IMS provides service with little or no downtime. Mobile operators around the world have used IMS to provide reliable service for many years. You receive all the benefits of a mature reliable solution and none of the hassles of creating it.


Devices are completely mobile. They can operate anywhere on your private network and they can roam onto other networks as well. Unlike WiFi, or other wireless technologies where devices are disconnected when they leave the home network, Evolve devices can maintain connectivity globally.


You can keep devices connected for up to 20 miles with one tower. Evolve’s 4G and 5G solutions, with massive MIMO, provide best-in-class spectrum utilization and the longest possible range.

Serving Multiple Industies

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Transportation & Logistics

Track packages, control equipment, monitor operations, and more, all from your own Private LTE network. Roam seamlessly to nationwide mobile networks when needed

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Customer Service

Full service mobile technologies including voice, data, SMS, MMS, RCS and more, all from the office or home


Entertainment venues require massive data capacity. Immersive services are changing the game for local and remote attendees

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Evolve facilitates HIPPA compliant telehealth services for constant communication between doctors and patients

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Flexibility and speed make it possible to deploy wireless communication to any IoT/M2M device with any level of data consumption

grain harvester


Mobile farming and aggreculture require huge range which is where Evolve’s Massive MIMO 5G RAN are invaluable

Innovation Zone

The Evolve Cellular Innovation Zone allows partners and clients to test and commercially deploy new and innovative technologies. Unlike other mobile network operators, we are extremely flexible. Evolve and our partners have experimented with cutting edge devices, RAN, MME, EPC, IMS Cores, and more. We control the certification processes for devices and network equipment which reduces cost and accelerates time to market.


We deployed 5G beam forming technology in our Innovation Zone and permit our partners and clients to experiment with our software-based radio deployment. Unlike other large operators who focus on short range 5G, Evolve has deployed long range services. We use 32×32 massive MIMO arrays with beam forming on each radio sector and obtain high speed service at 20 miles, and beyond. We currently operate on bands 12, 14, and 17, but also support TV whites space and other available frequencies.


The Evolve Cellular Innovation Zone is located in southeast Texas and is comprised of 13 counties, covering 11,465 square miles (The Innovation Zone covers most of the land between Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. It is larger than the state of Massachusetts.)

Open for Business

The Evolve Cellular Innovation Zone is open for trial and commercial deployments for broadband and smartphone implementations. If you are considering options for 5G deployments, private LTE, white space implementations, or other innovations, you should talk with Evolve Cellular.

Evolve innovation zone map

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