Adding MS Teams to Your PBX

Keep your PBX, but enable mobile functionality through Evolve Cellular

Add SMS and MMS inside Microsoft Teams with or without MS Phone System

Should You Throw Away Your PBX?

Many organizations don’t want to replace legacy PBX functionality. PBX systems often include:
large IVRs, sophisticated auto-attendants, complex routing rules, call recording solutions, and more.
It might not be cost effective to replace your PBX.

Large Investment in PBX

Many companies have committed large investments into their PBX systems and  integrated services. Business processes are  hardwired into their advanced PBX functionality.

Full Cost of UCaaS

UCaaS (unified communications as a service) remains more expensive than a traditional PBX. Monthly recurring costs, training, integration and enhancements can rack up a large bill.

Mature and Reliable

Most PBX systems are proven, mature, and reliable. They are also integrated into business systems and processes. As a result, pulling out your PBX can be a major project that introduces significant business risk and cost.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Evolve's Solution for Integrating MS Teams with Your PBX

SIP based voice into your PBX, while pairing with SMS/MMS directly into MS Teams

Phone with text messages
  • Add SMS and MMS to any business number
  • Direct all messaging into Microsoft Teams
  • Route all voice calls via SIP Peer
  • Enable additional call treatment features before the calls reaches the PBX, such as for mobile callers
  • No changes required to existing PBX or IVR
  • Works with any phone system (on-premise or cloud)

Benefits of the Evolve Solution

Inbound and outbound messaging through Microsoft Teams
Voice and texting on the same number (Toll-free or DID)

No new user interface to learn or separate application to manage
Share text conversations with other team members

Keep and secure a copy of all communications
Migrate numbers into MS Teams for voice as desired

Great for large or small companies

Cost competitive for voice and messaging

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