Network as a Service

Evolve Cellular brings mobile functionality and mobile devices to non-mobile networks. Landline phones and fixed networks are disappearing. VOIP phones will vanish as well because they fail to deliver smartphone-like functionality. Bring the power of Mobile NaaS to your non-mobile network

Evolve's Mobile Network as a Service


Evolve is built on IP Multimedia Subsystem technology and includes all of the features of a global mobile network operator. We eliminate the risk, cost, and maintenance of a private network. Our NaaS solution provides the flexibility and performance benefits you need without any of the overhead. Get all of the benefits of a mobile network partner without any of the overhead. Pay for what you use and not what you don’t.


Realize all the benefits of cloud computing including operational efficiency, flexible scale, lower cost, negligible capital equipment, reduced carbon footprint, 24×7 availability, global access, and easy implementation


Most private networks are relegated to public spectrum like 802.11, Bluetooth, or NFC. These frequency bands are often congested and unreliable. With mobile, on the other hand, you can use licensed or light-lightly licensed spectrum such as CBRS and TVWS which is allocated to you and you alone. You don’t compete with geographic neighbors for your wireless network


Mobile technology is not just about smartphones and business professionals and consumers staying connected wherever they go. Mobile technology includes up-time, reliability, network control, and communication options. When you partner with Evolve you get all the benefits of mobile technology and all the controls of a private network.


NaaS provides far better security than local servers and hodgepodge LANs. The network is easy to lock down from our centralized data centers and security is easier to maintain through ongoing maintenance and monitoring.


Evolve maintains generous capacity to support the largest clients on a moment’s notice. We have excess capacity for millions of calls and messages per hour and virtually endless ability to expand. We can operate in our cloud, your cloud, the public cloud, or any combination thereof. There is no client too large and no configuration too obscure.


You control the network as well as the devices and users who access it. All activity is known by you and controlled by you.


Unlike typical private networks, mobile technology allows you to control every device on your network by IMSI. Every device and widget is authenticated and tracked. Nothing is on a mobile network without a fully authorized identity.


Bringing up the radio and equipment is only part of the battle. With mobile technology you’ve got to worry about inter-connectivity as well


Evolve’s Mobile NaaS provides a return on investment that is unmatched by private deployments. We enable customers in a few short days with zero capex and limited staffing hours

No Hardware or Software Required

Our massive cloud architecture is highly available and hosted in three redundant data centers is the USA. We retain capacity for millions of calls per hour and can host very large call volume and customer interactions.


IP Multi-media Subsystem enables VoLTE, RCS, and more


Evolved Packet Core is the foundation of any 4G/5G LTE network


Massive MIMO on Licensed, Unlicensed, or Lightly-Licensed spectrum


Identity is key. Enhance private networks with secure mobile identities


Our mobile gateways are interconnected for voice, data, messaging, roaming, etc.

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