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Enhanced 8YY & DID

A customized experience just for mobile callers. Taking full advantage of smartphone functions while improving conversations and saving operating costs.


of calls originate from a mobile device

According to Avaya, about 70% of calls to businesses originate with a mobile device


of households are mobile only

In the United States more than 55% of all households are mobile only, meaning they do not have a traditional landline phone


of consumers say wireless is indispensable

80% of Americans consider wireless service indispensable, according to CTIA

How it works


Automatically determine the caller's identify

As a mobile network operator, Evolve’s IMS looks up the caller’s identity before routing to the business or contact center. If we determine the caller is on a mobile phone, we can capture a variety of caller specific information that is preserved throughout the customer journey


Better experience for mobile callers​

If the caller is on a mobile device, we can offer them a choice of moving to a digital experience. If they accept then a text message is sent to link them to the mobile web channel. Callers get faster access to the information they need and businesses reduce toll-free and agent costs


Streamlined routing

If a mobile caller opts for a digital experience they will be deflected to the mobile web. Landline callers and mobile callers who want to stay on voice are routed automatically to the target destination with no change to the original business systems/IVR


Caller information

Information about the caller obtained before the call was answered is passed to the digital or voice channel for personalizing and expediting the caller’s experience

Example of call flow

No Hardware or Software Required

Our massive cloud architecture is highly available and hosted in three redundant data centers is the USA. We retain capacity for millions of calls per hour and can host very large call volume and customer interactions

Benefits of Enhanced 8YY & DID

Accurate Caller Context

High fidelity of caller ID
High geographic routing
Reduced phishing and fraud

Enhanced Caller Experience

Mobile callers get faster access
Wait times are reduced
Increased loyalty
Improved net promoter score

Drive Digital Transformation

Drive adoption of digital touch points to app or web
Verified mobile caller information
Launching point for rich communication services


Voice to digital self-service deflections
Reduced IVR/Agent time
Significantly lower toll-free charges

Security and Transparency

More accurate user information
Consumer control of experience
Multichannel on single TN

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