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Featured Innovation:
Voice & Texting in Microsoft Teams

Certified Mobile Innovation

Evolve is first mobile network operator to certify VoLTE service with GSMA
Evolve is first mobile operator to certify RCS operations with GSMA

Evolve Mobile Features
for Microsoft Teams

You probably already have Microsoft Teams as part of your Office 365 license.
You’ve probably thought about moving your office phones into Teams.
So, why not bring your office phone numbers into Teams and give them all the functionality
of a smart phone, including voice, SMS, MMS, and more?

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Get all the benefits of a Private-LTE network with a fraction of the overhead and expense.
Evolve Cellular enables clients to turn on Private-LTE with ease and speed.
Innovation occurs at the edge of the network, and Evolve lives on the edge!
Innovation occurs at the edge of the network, and Evolve lives on the edge!


Voice and Text Messaging for Microsoft Teams

Take full advantage of Microsoft Teams. Replace your office phones with Teams and obtain all the capabilities of a mobile device, including voice, SMS, MMS, and more.

Voice and Text for Teams

Work VoLTE
Enhanced 8YY & DID

Bring your toll free and office numbers into the mobile ecosystem. By moving mobile callers off the voice channel you’ll accelerate digital transformation, reduce telephony cost, and save time and money.

Enhanced 8YY & DID


Reduce unwanted calls to your business, or eliminate them altogether. We filter SPAM to 8YY and other numbers. You are in control of whitelisted and blacklisted numbers.

Spam Mitigation

Work RCS

Your business numbers can be transformed into omni-channel tools with a full suite of Rich Communication Services. Evolve was the first RCS certified operator in North America and we are bringing RCS to the enterprise.

Work RCS

Private LTE

Enhancing corporate networks with private LTE and RAN management will increase security, add user fidelity, expand coverage area, increase network speed and bandwidth, and maximize corporate control.

Private LTE

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Evolve is your mobile enabler


Evolve is directly interconnected with the global mobile networks for traffic exchange and roaming


We provide inbound and outbound voice, text messaging, multimedia messaging, and rich communication services

Telephone Numbers

Numbers and SIMs are fully mobile. They are not landlines with mobile features added and not resold MVNO products with inherent restrictions

Mobile Network Operator

Evolve is a commercial mobile radio service provider, with licensed spectrum and full mobile membership

Partner of Choice

When you partner with Evolve you are partnering with a mobile operator who understands the entire ecosystem. From devices, to RAN, to core, to interconnect, we do it all

Network as a Service

We operate the mobile network and technologies so you can focus on your business solutions. Just tap into our mobile core and get all the benefits of mobility.


IP Multi-media Subsystem enables VoLTE, RCS, and more


Evolved Packet Core is the foundation of any 4G/5G LTE network


Massive MIMO on Licensed, Unlicensed, or Lightly-Licensed spectrum


Identity is key. Enhance private networks with secure mobile identities


Our mobile gateways are interconnected for voice, data, messaging, roaming, etc.

And there's more

Data Centers

Evolve has deployed an IMS/EPC mobile architecture with multiple highly redundant data centers across the United States of America. We support some of the largest brands in the world and have capacity for millions of interactions per hour


You may opt to deploy solutions in the Evolve Private Core, in the public cloud, on your private network, or some hybrid thereof. Evolve will help you design and implement a solution that fits your needs and integrates seamlessly with your systems, as well as with the global mobile operators

Client Delivery Platform

We deploy highly available dedicated and virtual servers in a customizable application framework that enables IMS integration. Our client delivery platform allows integration when, where, and how it is needed

Custom Development

Evolve will help you embrace mobile technology and propel your business forward. Whether you are starting a digital transformation strategy, changing your customer support experience, or adding 5G/LTE to your enterprise network, skilled Evolve professionals will help you define and deploy mobile technology quickly and easily

Intellectual Property

Evolve has been in the mobile industry for decades. Our team has deployed scores of mobile solutions with leading 4G and 5G technologies. Our patented technologies add flexibility and speed to our solution delivery processes.