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After years of struggling to work with the major U.S. mobile operators and regulators to launch good ideas, we decided there must be a better way to connect devices to the cellular networks and enable product innovation. We make it simple.

The Evolve platform is ideal for all industries and nearly any use case. Connected living, security, product tracking, health care, and embedded data reporting are just a few of the projects already underway.

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Why all the difficulties?

Launching a mobile solution can be a monumental task, requiring millions of dollars and years of effort. The mobile industry is a walled garden. Only a few of your greatest ideas are even permitted. Evolve Cellular is breaking down the barriers allowing you to focus on innovation, not industry constraints.

Device Certification

Getting a device certified is horrible. It can take over a year and millions of dollars. The traditional mobile operators impose OEM approvals, device certifications, and more. At Evolve, we tear down the barriers and get devices on the networks quickly. Because we are a carrier, we will extend our "Carrier Permissions" ability to allow customized solutions.

Network Access

Getting connected to a network is difficult, but changing networks is worse. Once connected, you are stuck. At Evolve we include our rights as a carrier to connect to other carriers in our offering. You stay in control.

Application Development

Devices and networks are only part of the battle. Implementing mobile apps can be another major effort. And, if your app is revolutionary you'll face another set of challenges.

Launch products quickly


Make and receive telephone calls over private or public WiFi or cellular networks. Use our application suite or bring your own. You are in control.


Use SMS, MMS, and group messaging without any special set up. Your devices can send and receive messages instantly.


Nationwide coverage through our partners, affiliates and rights as a carrier to access other carrier networks.


Use our suite of voice, messaging, and account management apps, or bring your own. We make it simple to add services.


Use private WiFi as your primary network, access public WiFi, and only use cellular to fill the gaps. Manage your devices' WiFi settings and your own WiFi network through our enterprise portal.


Our costs are typically 25% of what you pay through other networks providers. Only use what you absolutely need and don't pay a high price for devices that don't use the cellular network.

Telephone Numbers

We provide mobile telephone numbers, or you can provide your own. Or, launch a device without a telephone number or with multiple telephone numbers. It's up to you.

Framework SIM

We have created a complete Software based Subscriber Identity Module or (SIM) that can exist in unlicensed wireless spectrum (called a Framework SIM). This allows standalone WiFi only or cellular service for voice, M2M/IoT, SMS, and MMS. You can also pair our Framework SIM on an LTE device with a hard SIM, giving that same device access to the world’s cellular networks. We then extend all of the logic in our Framework SIM software to you so you can customize your own solution.


If you need to put SIM cards in your devices, we've got you covered. Evolve SIM cards are ready to get you connected immediately.

Self Managed

Access your account through our Enterprise Management portal. One place for seeing all your devices and controlling their use.

Made for speed

We know how time-consuming and costly it can be to launch a mobile solution. So, we've done all the stuff that will slow you down.

5 Star Support

We know how it feels to need support. We provide qualified support to treat you as we would like to be treated.

Take Full Control of Your Mobile Strategy

The great ideas are not coming from the mobile carriers. No, the truly great ideas are coming from the teams and companies who use the networks and innovate on the edge. Our goal at Evolve is to unlock the great ideas, to allow innovation in spite of the barriers.

Our Architecture

LTE Spectrum

Evolve Cellular is a full GSMA member. We own and operate our own LTE spectrum in Texas. We have also developed a method of using unlicensed and light-licensed spectrum as "WiFi-First" on LTE capable devices and provide Mobile Wireless Services nationwide.

MB Node ™

Our Mobile Broadband eNode, or "MB Node" has application beyond traditional cellular service. At Evolve, we have developed a unique MB Node solution which allows us to provide services through our LTE Core over unlicensed bands. Unlike LTE-U, we can enable our MB Node and our corresponding Framework SIM to operate in a “stand alone” mode providing full Mobile Wireless Services in areas where we do not also own or control licensed LTE Spectrum.

LTE Core

The Evolve IMS LTE Core is at the heart of our unique offering. Through key asset purchases and custom software development, Evolve is able to provide scalable service at a fraction of the cost of other operators.


All mobile operators utilize roaming, and Evolve is no different. We operate our own licensed, light-licensed, and unlicensed networks whenever possible and utilize roaming partners to fill any gaps. As a CMRS and full member of GSMA we have multiple roaming agreements and options.

Voice and SMS

Voice and SMS service are important parts of our solutions. As a mobile network operator, Evolve maintains direct interconnect agreements and services through multiple national agreements. We currently have LATA coverage for approximately 60% of the U.S. population. If we don’t currently cover your area, let us know and we will expand our own network coverage and obtain numbering resources in your area too.

BYO Devices

Bring your own devices to the solution. If the device works properly then you should be permitted to use it. Let's put an end to the long, tedious, and expensive process of device certification

BYO Networks

Ideal for cable companies, CLECs, RLECs, IP-PBXs, campuses, and other network managers, we merge our network assets, including our MB Nodes, with yours. If you already have a strong network then implementing mobile solutions can be a unique challenge. With Evolve you leverage your existing assets and integrate mobility. Mobile just got a lot easier.


Traditional operators require devices to use cellular as their primary network. At Evolve, we think differently. WiFi should be used first, and if you want, WiFi can be your only network. Cellular seamlessly fills the gaps between WiFi access points. We call this approach "WiFi-First," and it will save you a lot of money.

Framework SIM

At Evolve we created a unique software SIM to unlock and untether cellular services. Evolve maintains the home subscriber information for all our users, that identify can now disassociated from any physical devices. Available today only on Android, CyanogenMod, and Linux, this approach breaks down the barriers of mobile innovation, especially for M2M and IoT. Using our Framework SIMs and MBNodes, you can control your LTE cellular capable devices for well under $1 per month per device.


Delivering mobile services is not easy. We have decades of experience operating in fixed and mobile environments. We've assembled just the right operating support systems needed to keep things running smoothly and efficiently


Business support systems are essential for billing and supporting customers. Just because our customer is in control doesn't mean they want to reinvent all the BSS pieces they need to run their business


Emergency service is an important part of any mobile offering. We partner with leading 911 service providers to ensure people can contact first responders via voice or text

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